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jigsaws-47 jigsaws-54 Jigsaws-TRHTT-Alex-Abigail-Honey

Jennifer Rogers debut play JIGSAWS was first performed at the Hole in the Wall theatre, Leederville, Western Australia in February 1988. Rogers is a journalist by profession. In an interview that she gave to promote the play she said, “I want to show women as they really are; as funny, bright, interesting, brave human beings who bring immense strength and compassion into one another’s lives.”

This is an optimistic comedy/drama play is about three generations of the one dysfunctional family. The setting is Gran’s house, the home of frail matriarch Emma, and her sister Nelly. Starting from Christmas afternoon, where they are joined by three other family members, JIGSAWS spans the course of the summer holiday season.   Continue reading THE ROUGH HEWN THEATRE TROUPE presents JIGSAWS @ STAR OF THE SEA MANLY

Fallout @ The Exchange Hotel


FALLOUT, the first full length play by Lauren Pearce, examines a number of subjects around the end of civilisation brought on by profit-motivated callousness, corporate negligence and governmental complacency. The writer examines how the characters face the certainty of death as they wait for the hideous consequences of radiation sickness to overtake them.

In the wake of an unexpected nuclear holocaust, three people struggle with each other and the ghosts of their past and a fun loving radio DJ wrestles with the terrible duty of broadcasting to a lifeless world. All of them are slowly dying and all will be party to a terrible revelation.

Uniformly strong acting brought together by direction from Finn Davis engrosses the audience from start to finish. Good use is made of the space with an effective set by Hannah Cox as one section represents the studio of a community radio and the rest of the stage depicts a designated ‘panic room’.  Continue reading Fallout @ The Exchange Hotel