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What right does a woman have to depict men and their sexuality in all its vulnerable glory? You decide. Geraldine Brophy’s script traverses territory from the tragic to the sublime. Three male actors bring to life fifteen males – from a toddler to a tormented priest – who explore relationships with love, manhood, sexuality and fatherhood

Tom Matthews, John Molyneux and Meynard Penalosa inhabit with irresistible conviction, a variety of characters from three to eighty three.

It’s a show about much more than sex; after all, they have to bare something much harder: the male emotional landscape.

Funny, touching and sometimes sobering in its connections between male sexuality and the violence men do to themselves; The Viagra Monologues celebrates men and challenges social perceptions about masculinity.

The Viagra Monologues is fundamentally about respect, regardless of gender or sexual connection. Respect for each other, men and women, regardless of our sexual connection or otherwise.

THE VIAGRA MONOLOGUES is a vibrant lively text that tackles the contradictions and controversies of masculinity with wit and sensitivity. It asks us to reconsider what it is to be a man, and what men can do to be there best selves.

16 June – 2 July 730pm at the Blood Moon Theatre, 24 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross.

For more about The Viagra Monologues, visit http://www.offtheavenue.com.au
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