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Presenting the noble artistic credentials of one of the most evil group of men in history to the knowledgeable Old Fitz theatre crowd is a very clever conceit. Theatre crowds generally have artistic interests. They frequent cinema, galleries, music venues and museums and would not expect themselves to be confronted with the vile Nazis displaying their affection, knowledge and desire for the various genres of creativity. Take these themes and meld them with some fine writing, directing and strong performances and you have impressive theatre.

The opening monologue introduces the idea of the humanity of these creeps but then slowly breaks their personalities down into their foibles, prejudices, vanities and pathetic weaknesses. The play runs at a frenetic pace as it presents the history and examines what art was considered suitable and what art was declared degenerate. Narrator Megan O’Connell presents a timeline of major events starting with the groups’ disillusionment with the state of their country in the aftermath of World War 1 and how they coalesce into a group that rides on bigotry and injustice to lead Germany and then invade large swathes of Europe. Simultaneously the actors present scenarios of their artistic interests or those foisted on them by Hitler’s dominant personality and his particular taste in art, music and architecture. Continue reading DEGENERATE ART @ THE OLD FITZ

The Motherf**ker With The Hat

Zoe Trilsbach and Troy Harrison. Pic Kurt Sneddon
Zoe Trilsbach and Troy Harrison. Pic Kurt Sneddon

Stephen Adly Guirgis is garrulous. Three of the quintet of characters in his script THE MOTHERF**KER WITH THE HAT could, as they say, talk the leg off a table.

The play begins with a telephone conversation between Veronica and her mother, the drug addled daughter trying to persuade her addicted mother to attend rehab and ditch her fish headed fiancé. It’s a mouthfully funny monologue and indicative of the mastery of Guirgis’ ear. Continue reading The Motherf**ker With The Hat