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Terrence McNally‘s play MASTERCLASS depicts a recreation of various sessions at the Juilliard School of 1971 and 1972, where three students are almost demolished in some ways by Callas and yet also encouraged and inspired in this at times witty yet very moving play by McNally that is full of vicious barbs and simultaneously poignant monologues.

It is simply staged and directed with a sure touch by Adam Spreadbury-Maher. On stage when the audience enters is a shiny grand piano and accompanist Manny Weinstock (Dobbs Franks). There is a small table with a music stand and a tall bar stool are in the opposite corner and the auditorium is brightly lit at first so Callas can see the audience. The first section of the play is dominated by autocratic demands for a cushion, the lights to be lowered and for her questions to be answered promptly and with clear diction. Continue reading MASTER CLASS : VICIOUS BARBS AMONG MOVING MONOLOGUES




“Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art.” – Constantin Stanislavski.   

Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre – Los Angeles, is a world renowned acting school located in the heart of Hollywood, California. The school offers extensive training for the serious actor in theatre, film, and television.

The Stella Adler Technique grew out of Ms Adler’s personal work with Konstantin Stanislavski, the father of modern acting.
With a lifetime of experience, the Stellar Adler acting technique, has been studied by Hollywood stars like Robert DeNiro, Salma Hayek and Mark Ruffalo.

Short and Sweet Sydney offered two exclusive Stella Adler Master Classes to festival-goers.                            Continue reading STELLAR ADLER MASTERCLASS IN SYDNEY FOR THE FIRST TIME


The Discover masterclasses in 2017 will take place at the legendary choir’s rehearsal space in Millers Point. Please see below for dates, themes and to register. Discover is held on Sunday mornings, 10am-12pm.

Registration is $40 per person.

Register for all Discover masterclasses and receive a 10% discount!

Why join the workshops?

Gain a deeper understanding of the times in which the music was written and uncover the stories around the work
Actively engage in the music, singing sections of the work
Learn about your voice and the ways it is used to sing these great choral works

Dates in 2017:
26 February – The music of Brahms with Sam Allchurch
2 April – The Bach Passions with Brett Weymark.
14 May – Elijah, a taster of what you can expect at ChorusOz.
9 July – French Choral Music.
13 August – English Choral music with Brett Weymark.
8 October – The Music of Elgar.
3 December – The Music of Handel, Messiah.

26th February, 2nd April, 14th May, 9th July, 13th August, 8th October, 3rd December

For more about Discover Choral Masterclasses, visit http://www.sydneyphilharmonia.com.au/discover/
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CMS Music Theatre Audition Masterclass Featuring Kellie Dickerson & Guy Simpson

Want to improve your music theatre audition skills? Why not take this opportunity to learn from top Music Directors who are directing some of Australias’ hottest professional Musical Theatre shows!

Our panel comprises three time Green Room award winner (Wicked, Once & City of Angels) and current MD of Book of Mormon – Kellie Dickerson and MD of My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera & Miss Saigon productions throughout the world – Guy Simpson, will share their insights as they put 8 performers through their paces as well as provide a Q&A session with the audience.

For Tickets, Go to chatswoodmusicals.org/Masterclass

13 June 2016, 7:30 – 10:30 pm

VENUE- Eternity Playhouse, 39 Barton Street, Darlinghurst.

For more about CMS Music Theatre Audition Masterclass Featuring Kellie Dickerson & Guy Simpson, visit
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Masterclass @ The Old Fitz

Charlie Garber and Gareth Davies in MASTERCLASS. Pic Chris McKeen Newscorp
Charlie Garber and Gareth Davies in MASTERCLASS. Pic Chris McKeen Newscorp

The new custodians of The Old Fitz theatre, Red Line Productions, have invited a fringe favourite, MASTERCLASS, to kick off their inaugural season.

Written and performed by Gareth Davies and Charlie Garber, this entertaining existentialist two hander is an acerbic and absurd examination of celebrity and the deification of thespians.

Peppered with all the pretentions that can pitfall performers, MASTERCLASS tends to pratfall in its pricking, loading up the ludicrous to lethal levels.

The theatrical expressions of “knocking them dead” and “killing the audience” takes on a literalness when it is stated that Gareth’s acting eminence arose from a performance that had showgoers shuffling off their mortal coil. Continue reading Masterclass @ The Old Fitz