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The Diary Of Anne Frank @ The New Theatre

Anne Frank- inset
Inset plc- father- James Bean and daughter- Justina Ward try to get through the hell of Nazi Germany in The Diary Of Anne Frank . Featured pic- A cast shot. Production photos by Matthias Engesser

This is Anne Frank’s story, told through her diaries. It makes for tough reading, or more to the point tough viewing, in the current New Theatre production of the 1955 stage adaptation by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

Sam Thomas’ eloquent revival brings her painful and sad story to life. Tragically, Anne lived her last few years with her family in hiding, never knowing if, in the next moment, they will be discovered and transferred to a death camp.

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Spider’s Web

A scene from Agathie Christie's SPIDER'S WEB. Pic Mark Banks
A scene from Agathie Christie’s SPIDER’S WEB. PicS by Mark Banks

With a set design and directed by Ylaria Rogers the Genesian Theatre’s production of Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web is a thoroughly enjoyable romp. We know one or more of the characters will be murdered, but how & why & by whom? Everyone has something to hide but can we solve the mystery before the last clue is given and the final twist unfolds. Probably not!

The action takes place in the drawing room of a country house Copplestone Court in the 1950s. The set has the typical Christie secret passageway, a desk with hidden compartment and French doors opening into a garden for the possible quick entry/exit of suspicious characters. Well timed lighting ensures black outs occur just at the correct the moment to allow for dark deeds and menacing music hints at evils to come. Continue reading Spider’s Web