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From the very first page Morris’ warm , flamboyant voice captivates us in this intimate , extremely revealing book .Out loud and proud. You feel as if he is talking to you as a close friend.The book itself is of medium size and fairly thick , delightfully illustrated , with a great index at the back. It is written by Morris in collaboration with novelist/singer-songwriter Wesley Stace with great panache and frankness.

Dance lovers might be aware of Joan Acoclla’s 1993 biography
OUT LOUD takes you on a roller coaster ride through Morris’s personal life interwoven with the history of his company, the Mark Morris Dance Group .It also considers the history of modern dance and how this is linked to music through the ages.( Look at the range of composers Morris has worked with – everyone from Bach, Brahms ,Handel, Purcell, and Poulenc , Stravinsky, Vivaldi,– as well as Gershwin , Lou Harrison, Indian classical music , the Louvin Brothers, and Thai pop artists. Morris insists on live music and is extremely attentive to the score.) Mark Morris Dance Group is one of America’s major modern-dance companies, and Morris has long been regarded as both naughty and delightful as well as discerning . He has a great eye for the significant detail. Continue reading MARK MORRIS :  OUT LOUD A MEMOIR

Mark Morris Dance Group @ The Joan Sutherland Auditorium Sydney Opera House


Hotly anticipated the Mark Morris Dance Group has not been seen in Sydney since 2003.

Mark Morris has more than thirty years and 150 works– including commissions from the world’s top ballet companies – to his credit His 20-strong ensemble of dancers were last in Australia for the Perth International Arts Festival .

In this programme we saw four short works that exemplifies the company’s distinct style and reminds us why Morris is regarded as one of the finest contemporary choreographers. Continue reading Mark Morris Dance Group @ The Joan Sutherland Auditorium Sydney Opera House