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Some legends never die.  I suppose that’s why they’re legends.  Maria Anna Cecilia Sofia Kalogerpoulos   (shortened to Callas) born 2 December, 1923 was one.  Articles, like this one about her have been written – even a documentary film – and she’s been dead for more than 40 years.  What fascinates us still about her life? Other better singers have passed away and they’ve almost been forgotten. What’s so different about Maria Callas?   People and critics who derided her when she was alive now have nothing but praise. Even her debut at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York as Bellini’s Norma, and the following six performances, in October 1956 were booed.  Of course it didn’t help that preceding her Metropolitan debut, Time magazine wrote scathingly about her temper, her supposed rivalry with Italian soprano Renata Tebaldi and her severed relationship with her mother.

In those heady days – the 1950s and 60s – Callas was just as much followed by the paparazzi as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are these days.  And yet her voice could not be classified as a thing of beauty. It was deemed uneven and forced.   Continue reading CLASSICAL MUSIC LEGEND : MARIA CALLAS


Was Maria Callas, one of the most famous dramatic coloratura sopranos of all time, a diva both on and off stage? Was she more famous for her voice or for her affair with the mega-rich Aristotle Onassis? Who is better to answer these and related questions than Maria Callas herself.

MARIA B Y CALLAS  is an intimate look at the life of the legendary Greek-American opera singer completely in her own words.

Whilst she died in 1977 aged 53, this documentary film reminds us that her voice was truly remarkable and that the media hounding ensured that the public thought of her as a diva. The documentary is a chronological collection of interviews, performances, home movies, photographs, letters and unpublished memoirs from Callas.

The movie reveals the tussle between Maria, the ‘normal’ female desiring a ‘normal’ family life with children, and ‘Callas’ the international opera star who must please and appease audiences and the press. She collected recipes but never got round to making the dishes. Whilst having been married once and having a long public affair with Aristotle Onassis, she admits that destiny called her to be a diva and therefore motherhood was denied. Continue reading MARIA BY CALLAS : DESTINED TO BE A DIVA