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There are not many women who have come out  as soloist singers late in their life. Apart from Evelyne, the only woman that springs to my mind was Sharon Jones  who came to the fore at age forty nine after years of being a prison guard. Her music was in a funky soul style in the manner of James Brown  who was the Godfather of Soul.

After years of performing in various choirs and vocal groups  Evelyne Weltlinger debuted as a soloist in 2012 at an age a  few years older than Sharon Jones.

Although their respective musical styles are a million miles apart they both seek to capture the soul in the music. Continue reading EVELYNE WELTLINGER : SONGS OF MY HEART

LIve at Lunch : Viva L’Italia : Life is Beautiful @ The Concourse Chatswood

Accordian player Marcello Maio

The latest delicious offering in the Live At Lunch series this was a wonderful short concert celebrating Italy in music.

Rutter was elegant in black slacks and a lacy top combined with red shoes. She was joined for this concert by Giuseppe Zangari on classical guitar and Marcello Maio on piano and piano-accordion. Rutter mostly used her favourite gold flute but also the piccolo depending on what was required and at times both she and Maio changed instruments mid piece.

The opening Sonata in A Major for Flute and Guitar by Giulani was charming and sprightly with the flute darting and swooping.

Drigo’s fluid Serenade from Les Millions D’Arlequin followed , with is circular melodies and was played with wonderful timing and phrasing (as were all the works selected).

Next came a crisp, sparkling yet lush version of Michel Peguri’s Bourrrasque.

A dynamic infectious performance by Maio on accordion followed.

Vivaldi’s Concerto RV93 in D Major for Guitar came next and was elegant, dreamy, idyllically pastoral and exquisitely refined. The faster, second section with Rutter on piccolo was more vibrant in mood. Continue reading LIve at Lunch : Viva L’Italia : Life is Beautiful @ The Concourse Chatswood