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A simple and clear recipe for a show combined with some awesome talent made this a night to remember.

The set comprised a piano on a side of the stage and a made up table. On  the table were bottles of wine which the performance partook of during the performance.

With Lucy Birmingham tinkling away at the ivories five of Australia’s most talented leading ladies, Geraldine Turner, Chloe Dallimore, Madeleine Jones, Georgina Hopson and  Olivia Vasquez sang their hearts out.

The show was divided into two halves. Act 1 saw the divas sing a song from the favourite role they have played. Act 2 saw the singers sing a song from the role they would most like to play.

Some of the very best of musicals were covered including ‘In The Heights’, ‘Waitress’, ‘Oliver’ and ‘Chicago’.

‘Table For Six, Please!’ played for one night only at the Lennox Theatre at the Riverside Theatres, Parramatte on Friday 6th November. The show was also live streamed for music theatre lovers who were able to enjoy the show from the comfort of their living rooms.

All images by  RAM Studios






On Friday 6th November at 7.30pm, Riverside Theatres Digital will present Table for Six, Please! starring an impeccable line up of Australia’s leading ladies Geraldine Turner, Chloe Dallimore, Madeleine Jones, Georgina Hopson, Olivia Vasquez, joined by musical director Lucy Bermingham on the piano. The evening will be available both in the theatre and live streamed to audiences’  homes, in a one-show only performance at Riverside Theatres Parramatta. 

Directed by legendary musical theatre director Luke Joslin, (Les Misérables (Director) Avenue Q, Shrek), Table for Six, Please! celebrates the talents of Australia’s musical theatre leading ladies singing the songs you love and the ones they love too; including hits from In the Heights and Waitress, the classic musical songs from Oliver and Sunset Boulevard, and of course, a little bit of Sondheim!  Continue reading TABLE FOR SIX, PLEASE! : FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY


Production Photography: Clare Hawley

They are a rowdy lot, the Blake family, as they meet for Thanksgiving dinner on the small stage at the Old Fitz Theatre.  They know how to fill a room with their lightly weaponized bonhomie, the jabs and pokes of long acquaintance and the love, the centrepiece of their dinner table, the love.   With an ensemble cast of excellence THE HUMANS from MopHead Productions, in association with Red Line Productions, is a bright, high energy affair for sure but I yearned for the dark, the mystic, the bog and the mist of this Irish bred clan.  For me, it is that which gives body to the purely narrative in this Pulitzer nominated, Tony winning, script by Stephen Karam.

Brigid is hosting the celebration this Thanksgiving.  She and boyfriend, Richard, have moved into an apartment in the run down Chinatown area of Manhattan.  The fact that these pair are without the benefit of marriage is merely one of the issues that concern her parents Deirdre and Erik who arrive from Scranton with ‘Momo’, Erik’s dementia suffering mother.

Joining them is Aimee, their other daughter, a lawyer who gives every indication of being very unwell.  Through the parents’ eyes we will see what is lost when the children move away from family, religion and working class moralities.  And during the course of the evening, this family under pressure will become more unstable and distant from each other despite the evident boisterousness and verve of their well-practiced interactions. Continue reading THE HUMANS: ENSEMBLE CAST OF EXCELLENCE

Avenue Q @ The Enmore Theatre

Queues deserve to run the length of Enmore Road for the current production of AVENUE Q.

Quite simply an incredibly entertaining musical theatre event, AVENUE Q is an R rated take on the G rated Sesame Street scenario, where the Muppets are more into kink than cookies, political correctness gets a reality check, and the songs are unabashedly bold.

Quick off the mark from the get go, the energy never lets up as recent university grad, Princeton, looks for lodging in Avenue Q, a low rent address whose superintendent is former child star, Gary Coleman. Continue reading Avenue Q @ The Enmore Theatre