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The Pop-Up Globe reminds us about the words.  All those years between us and the playwright, yet the words still fight and plead their way out of the story before us.  Seeing MACBETH like this, seeing ten create an army, judging the weakness of a man who speaks out to us for justification of his crimes and the visceral watching of the death of innocents, speaks past to now.   Every aspect of the Pop-Up Globe experience brings us closer to the text where lessons about power and conscience lift from the story.

The building, a faithful recreation of one of Shakespeare’s theatres, has been erected at the Entertainment Quarter and four plays by two separate companies are being done in repertory.  Each has their own embracing of the original, The Dream is being done with an all-male cast, for example, but since this is Shakespeare it’s almost impossible to speak in terms such as ‘traditional’.  Continue reading MACBETH: THROUGH THE SENSES TO THE VISCERA


The latest offering as part of the NT Live screenings is Shakespeare’s MACBETH .

This production as directed by Rufus Norris and starring Rory Kinnear and Anne- Marie Duff is bloody , violent bleak and set in a ‘timeless’ post-civil war /futuristic world .

Kinnear and Duff are excellent and give strong performances , leading the talented ensemble (most of whom double/triple roles ) in their uneasy nightmarish universe.

The evening begins and ends cyclically with a gruesome simulated decapitation.

The set design by Rae Smith has a black backdrop and a large sloping shifting ramp.  It also includes concrete bunker like designs , shredded bin liners, trees that look like giant mops, well worn weather beaten clothes and lots of garbage bags – creating an atmosphere of jagged uneasiness and  contemporary decay (Dunsinane is perhaps a partly destroyed housing estate) blended with Gothicky eeriness Continue reading N T LIVE: MACBETH- DARK, BLEAK AND DESOLATE


This intimate production of MACBETH is performed both on stage, and in and around the audience, as we follow Macbeth’s twisted mental landscape as he kills all his rivals to capture the Crown.

Many actors believe that the play is cursed, and refer to the play as  “The Scottish Play”. As written, the play has a minimum of 40 characters, usually requiring a cast of 19 actors. Director Roz Riley has created her extraordinary vision of MACBETH with just ten actors, and each night there are  video-projected  images which are drawn live by E. Strange.

The three Weird Sisters (The Witches) constantly change costumes and demeanour, to magnificently deliver the bulk of the huge cast of characters. The production was beautifully staged with the tension palpable throughout  and the fine ensemble cast delivering consummate performances. Continue reading FACTORY SPACE THEATRE PRESENTS THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH @ THE STAR OF SEA THEATRE


Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

Australian filmmaker Justin Kerzel’s (Snowtown) MACBETH opens with the funeral of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s child. It’s common for writers to add scenes to Shakespeare that help render their telling unique and develop strands of his work that have yet to be explored.

The decision to include this is a bold move and suggests a particular subtext to the interpretation that will follow. That it never is, through dialogue or performance, is emblematic of an interpretation lacking in direction and depth. Continue reading JUSTIN KERZEL’S MACBETH

Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies Of 2015


Yet another year has (pretty much) come and gone. 2015 is finally the year that Marty McFly travels to BACK TO THE FUTURE PART TWO, and of course that makes 2015 officially The Fuuu-Chuuu-rrr.

The coming year is going to be a massive year for the industry with so many movies coming out. Before I get on to my top ten list of films to see, here is my 2015 honourable mentions list:-

Continue reading Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies Of 2015