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Factory Space Theatre Company presents CAMILLE @ Star of the Sea MANLY

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The Factory Space Theatre Company’s new production at their home venue in Manly, the Star of The Sea theatre, is Pam Gems’ new adaptation  of Alexandre Dumas’ play CAMILLE ( ‘La Dame Au Camelias’) directed by Artistic Director Roz Riley.

This adaptation  of CAMILLE is re-imagined for the modern stage. Set in the 1840s this unforgettable classic bourgeois drama of the famous courtesan CAMILLE has comedic twists and enticing turns of plot, and an excellent music soundtrack. Beautiful Marguerite Gautier at the age of fifteen, her Marquis employer seduced her and becoming pregnant, she decides on the courtesan life as CAMILLE.

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Dimity Raftos as Queen Elizabeth enjoying a moment with her court favourite Roberto Zenco the Earl of Leicester

Factory Space Theatre Company’s production of AN UNEXPECTED EXECUTION by Emma Wills is a powerful & dramatic presentation of the last part of the life of Mary Stuart and the political dealings of the English court under Queen Elizabeth.

This adaptation is based on the play MARY STUART by the great German playwright Fredriech Schiller. The evocative language, uniformly strong acting and inventive set bring to life what could have become a dry history lesson. As the writing, lyrical in parts, bitter in others, gradually reveals the historical aspects of the story, the drama and tension build, particularly during the second half, to its deadly conclusion.