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Wherever you look there’s something happening in Australian playwright Oriel Gray’s neglected classic THE TORRENTS. The play is set in a community newspaper called the Argus in the 1890’s in Koolgalla. The newspaper is run with an iron will by Rufus Torrent.

A new journalist JG Milford comes through the door. Rufus was expecting a young man and is taken aback when a young woman, Jenny Milford, walks through the door. Rufus wants her to leave but Jenny says she isn’t going anywhere. Will Jenny survive  Rufus’s wrath, and the boys only culture at the Argus?!

Rufus not only has to cope with a headstrong young woman on staff but also with the protestations of Kingsley who wants the paper to get behind his scheme to make Koolgalla more economically sustainable with an eye to agriculture to give it a better chance to survive now that the gold mining is petering out. Rufus’ hands are tied. A mining magnate John Mason gives the paper a lot of financial support and without his money the paper might fold. Mason refuses to see any future for Koolgalla that doesn’t involve gold mining. Continue reading THE TORRENTS @ THE DRAMA THEATRE


It's a lion's life. Side Pony productions THE PRIDE at the Bondi Pavilion. Pic Skye Sobejko
It’s a lion’s life. Side Pony productions THE PRIDE at the Bondi Pavilion. Pic Skye Sobejko

Side Pony Productions presentation of the Sydney premiere of their show THE PRIDE is  the Tamarama Rock Surfers (TRS) first play for the year.

THE PRIDE comes to Sydney highly regarded having received productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and with the Western Australian State Theatre Company.

In this quirky play,  Bruce is a lion who is weighed down by his impressive mane,and  is struggling with the pressure of renovations and taking care of his pride. He knows that time is limited  when James, his stronger, more handsome neighbour, starts peering through the windows admiring his home and his family. Such is the life of a lion.

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