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Production images: Grant Leslie of Perfect Images Photography

One can feel it coming and you hope it’s good.  As interval approaches at ANYTHING GOES from Hornsby Musical Society, you know that the title song, the show stopper, is up next.  Everything you have seen so far has been really entertaining but this will be the clincher! And, of course, it’s brilliant. Fast and vibrant and highly skilled but there’s something else … something heartstopping. It catches the breath and releases as hands come together in applause.  This is why we do it … this why people make theatre and why audiences attend.  There is such a joy in shared happiness and this is one such moment in a show crafted with care and the love of creation.

ANYTHING GOES is from 1934 with Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter.  We meet Billy Crocker a wide eyed lad learning the brokerage ropes from his boss Elisha J. Whitney.  He’s got a few girls vying for his attention but he has fallen in love with a girl he met in a taxi, Hope.  Much to the annoyance of Reno who misunderstood his friendship feelings toward her.  As he goes to say goodbye to his boss and Reno who are leaving on the same liner to England he sees the mystery girl again and decides to stowaway. Add in a minor gangster, Moonface, and his girl Erma, an English Lord, Oakleigh, and a captain obsessed with celebrity guests and a boat load of hi-jinks is inevitable. Continue reading ANYTHING GOES: SHARING THE FUN WITH HORNSBY MUSICAL SOCIETY