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THE GREAT ROMANTICS was a most delicious concert . This was the latest in the Live at Lunch series as directed and performed by internationally renowned flautist Jane Rutter and two of her friends Simon Tedeschi ( piano )  and Roger Benedict ( viola) .

Rutter wore a long glamourous red dress and was draped with a feather boa. All three took turns in introducing the various works . Most of the works were by  early great Romantic composers ( Schuman ,Schubert and Brahms) . Several of the works are familiar as song cycles here arranged for the trio.

The first work was the first movement of Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata ( arranged for viola and piano ) with a wistful piano opening and a melancholy viola that became a whirling waltzlike dialogue for the two . The music ebbed and flowed with thunderous angry comments by the piano, but this changed and became fragile and delicate with fluttering piano . The came a yearning viola mini solo and pulsating piano. Continue reading LIVE AT LUNCH SERIES: THE GREAT ROMANTICS


This image:  John Huie                                                                                      Featured image: Jane Rutter – Photo by Brendan-Read

The latest concert as part of the Live at Lunch series was entitled THIRD CULTURE reuniting artistic director of the series internationally renowned flautist Jane Rutter and Australian musician and composer John Huie with their friends from former chamber group POSH – Hugh Fraser (double bass), Sally Schinckel (cello) Andrew Wilkie assorted vibes and percussion and Maharshi Raval on tabla and Indian percussion.

Indian, Arabic & Chinese-inspired classical music were blended with Australian world music for flute, guitar, cello, double bass, Chinese banjo and Indian percussion.in an exotic, heady mix. There was inspired ensemble playing throughout . Rutter – or sometimes Huie – introduced the various works and told us how the group reunited and the CD of ‘Third Culture’ was brought to fruition. Continue reading THIRD CULTURE – LIVE AT LUNCH @ THE CONCOURSE


The latest and last in this year’s series of Live at Lunch concerts was based on the idea of the spirit world /the occult and the magic of nocturnal love . Hence the title THE VAMPIRE DIARIES which Jane Rutter also announced had allusions to the very popular Harry Potter series.

Rutter was extremely Gothicky-elegant in a glittering black out fit with a cloak around her shoulders and a white scarf cravat around her neck. Guest artist Simon Tedeschi was stylish in a smartly cut dark suit.

The program opened with Bartok’s Hungarian Peasant Suite for Flute and Piano which was given a lyrical and seductive rendition. Rutter on her flute was shimmering whilst Tedeschi on piano turbulently accompanied  her. At times Tedeschi’s piano had a jazz feel to it, Continue reading LIVE @ LUNCH : THE VAMPIRE DIARIES @ THE CONCOURSE

Live at Lunch: Mozart Quartets @ The Concourse Chatswood

Acacia Quartet Banner 1.original

The latest Live at Lunch concert at the Concourse at Chatswood, as curated by Jane Rutter, was ravishing. The concert  featured three short sublime quartets by Mozart.

Rutter introduced all three pieces. For this concert she wore a black gown with a black and gold detailed stole, whilst her guests, the Acacia Quartet, wore severe orchestral black.

The first work performed was Mozart’s String Quartet in C Major, sometimes known as Dissonance,because of its unusually slow introduction. It is the best known of his quartets, and is the last in time of the set of six quartets composed between 1782 and 1782 that he dedicated to Haydn. Continue reading Live at Lunch: Mozart Quartets @ The Concourse Chatswood

Live at Lunch: Strauss, Ravel , Canteloube

Flautist supremo, amongst many things, Jane Rutter
Flautist supremo, amongst many talents, Jane Rutter. Above pic star soprano Taryn Fiebig

The latest splendid LIVE AT LUNCH concert was entitled ’ Strauss, Ravel Canteloube’‘ and featured curator Jane Rutter on flute (and assorted other instruments), Vincent Colagiuri on piano and quadruple threat ( yes quadruple threat) and Opera Australia star soprano Taryn Fiebig both singing and playing the cello (who knew that she had majored in cello at WAPPA?! ).

The roughly ¾ audience in the stalls consisted mostly of those over 55 although there were a few younger.

Rutter was stunning in a long sleeveless flowing green gown while Fiebig wore an intriguing, rather odd, possibly futuristic in style black bolero top and a horizontally quilted grey long skirt rather unflattering and stiff. Handsome pianist Vincent Colagiuri was dapper in a tuxedo. Continue reading Live at Lunch: Strauss, Ravel , Canteloube


This ravishing, superb concert had Amelia Farrugia channeling her inner Melba,Sutherland and Bronhill – three Australian great divas , combined with a touch of Callas perhaps?

Maestro Chris Carter, dapper in orchestral black, was tremendous as the accompanist and did a splendid job jumping between all the different styles of music.

International star Rutter , organiser of the Live at lunch series, was tres chic in a black and white ensemble with a Beardsley like print and floaty scarf around her neck. She welcomed us and introduced Farrugia and Carter and featured in several of the pieces.

Continue reading HOME! SWEET HOME!