TRUE WEST @ LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS, Limelight on Oxford, 231 Oxford Street

Dark comedy and very effective dialogue driven play, with two unhinged constantly feuding brothers. Beautifully constructed drama and savage tale of the weak good versus the strong bad. Unending sibling rivalry, despite five years since they were last together, the happily married younger brother is still the submissive victim of his dominant brother’s constant dangerous threats. Fortunately director Dimity Raftos has chosen the perfect cast for the two brothers, to deliver vividly believable performances, always showcasing all the highs and lows of brothers, who have taken very different paths since leaving home.                         Continue reading TRUE WEST @ LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS, Limelight on Oxford, 231 Oxford Street


The audience’s first glimpse of THE POOR KITCHEN is the fully-detailed immaculate set, giving the immediate ambiance of a rustic farmyard kitchen. Fully able to suspend disbelief, these huge characters are Italian, on a organic Olive Grove farm making the best possible bitter olive oil. Wonderful ensemble cast, and also in vivid flashbacks the cast provide insights about ELLE’s grandmother and grandfather ROBERTO plus her father ALDO and his sister SOPHIA.

By selecting the perfect cast, director Julie Baz has easily captured the exuberance and vitality of each character, nurturing and developing the delicious performances delivered by all. Playwright Daniela Giorgi has carefully crafted the memorable narrative, and the present-day adult characters, plus the past events are all strongly structured to entertain.

Leading lady ELLE suddenly inherits from her Aunt SOPHIA the family farmstead in Italy, decides to sell, to be cashed-up solely to finally gain entry into the Sydney property market.

Comedy one liners, a huge political history lesson about the leader of the Italian National Fascist Party, Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (Former Prime Minister of Italy). Family matters with feuds lasting decades, the required essence of personal intrigues, and dramatic parochial secrets hidden but lightly telegraphed to increase audience expectations. Shyster lawyer with his own undisclosed agenda, with thieves stealing Elle’s hire car.

Insightful political commentary with the opportunity to learn about refugee migration to Italy, versus our stop-the-boats. Living to grow your own food, versus working to buy your food. Pro-organic versus anti-pesticide. An interesting multiple message play, and yes an entertaining evening of live theatre, with a delightful unexpected ending.

Running time 100 minutes including a 15 minute interval.

PATINA PRODUCTIONS presents THE POOR KITCHEN by Daniela Giorgi. Originally presented during February 2016 in Newtown as part of Old 505 Theatre’s February 2016 Fresh Works Program.

Directed by Julie Baz

Designer David Jeffrey


Amy Victoria Brooks – ELLE/SOFIA

Taylor Buoro – ANNA

David Jeffrey – VITTORIO/ALDO

Wendi Lanham – GUILIA

Myles Waddell – CARLO/ROBERTO

LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS, Limelight on Oxford, 231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst (near Taylor Square)
Two week season from Wednesday 8th May 2019 until Saturday 26th May 2019 – 8.15pm Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat plus 5:15pm Sundays 12th – 19th – 26th May 2019.
Duration of under 100 minutes, including the 15 minute interval.
Images by Clare Hawley.

Patina Productions curates, develops and supports the plays and musicals presented in the LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS @ Limelight on Oxford. They collaborate with both emerging and seasoned indie creatives who demonstrate the commitment, capacity and enthusiasm required to stage world class indie shows.

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THE THINGS I COULD NEVER TELL STEVEN @ LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS @ Limelight on Oxford, 231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst


Steven’s intimate hidden secrets are gradually revealed, in this delicious one act musical of under 80 minutes, with music and lyrics by Australian Composer/Lyricist Jye Bryant, a well paced new musical with wonderful lyrical harmonies performed by a great cast of four.

Steven is often missing with work-related excuses, and has four important people involved in his life; his Mother, his Father his Wife and his grinder Ex-Boyfriend.

These four characters, all share their most intimate details about their life with Steven, and the many many important things that they struggle to tell Steven, and have failed to tell Steven. There are many relationship damaging secrets, of course Steven also has his own secrets.
Continue reading THE THINGS I COULD NEVER TELL STEVEN @ LIMELIGHT DOWNSTAIRS @ Limelight on Oxford, 231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst