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REMOTE ACCESS (THE FILM) directed by Penelope Berkemeier, is the latest thriller movie from writers Michela Carattini and Leanne Mangan. In 2018 filmed in the Blue Mountains of Australia, located to the west of Sydney NSW.

Very entertaining point of view, and all of the unexpected consequences of a Police Investigation of these two innocent bystanders, flowing from a night-time home invasion and domestic violence incident.

Abby breaks up with Ben, but unfortunately Ben starts stalking his ex. Stupidly and thoughtlessly, Ben posts online his angry diatribes about his ex. Posting on the very worst kind of online forum, resulting in Abby becoming the target of repeated and escalating attacks, both on the internet and off-line in the real world.

Wonderfully dark, with thought provoking dramatic ending, unexpected and very complicated, should make REMOTE ACCESS a film festival favourite.

STUDIO: Remote Access Productions, in association with Rowling Enterprises, Trashtastic Productions, and Charcol Pictures.

STARRING: Michela Carattini (Abby) and Tom Dalzell (Ben) with Kyle Rowling, Blake Wells, Gregory Dias, Leanne Mangan, Florence Florens, Justine Scali, Terrence Antoniak, Caroline McQuade, Alessandandro Guerrera, Patricia Pemberton, Kurtis Wakefield, Oliver Fogwell and Patricia Dy.

Australian Classification rated CTC (probably would be rated M)

Running Time 20 minutes and 41 seconds.




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“All that glisters is not gold.”

Following the Company’s compelling production of Hamlet in April this year, Bard on the Beach returns to The Greek Theatre in Marrickville this month with its presentation of The Merchant of Venice.

Supported by the directorial guidance of Patricia Rowling, Artistic Director of Bard on the Beach, this Shakespeare play explores prejudice, human relationships and social boundaries in 16th Century Venice. Continue reading THE MERCHANT OF VENICE @ GREEK THEATRE MARRICKVILLE