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Tina Arena, Kurt Kansley in EVITA Sydney 2018.
Production photos: Jeff Busby

Unusually, it is the second act of the current production of EVITA which sold this show to me.  The history of musical theatre is littered with the corpses of second act fails, but here, a combination of superb acting and a directorial instinct for the achievement of intimacy brings down the final curtain with pathos and that inescapable excitement of having been thoroughly entertained.

This production is a big event as only a grand musical can be.  Banners throughout the city and a front page introduction from the Minister for Tourism and Events in the program and, realistically, if you are reading this you will go and see this production. In the lead up I asked a range of people why and the answers were, unsurprisingly, related to age.  Younger people going because of the star, mid-range to see what the Madonna film is like live and elder citizens because we can sing along with every word: having worn out the Julie Covington record before the invention of a repeat button.  A manifold and challenging set of expectations for a 2 hour and 20 minute revival of a 1978 West End production. Continue reading EVITA: BIGGEST OF BIG, YET STRONGEST WHEN INTIMATE