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Last time I saw The Great Gatsby it was as a movie on one of the large VMAX screens at the Event cinema complex in Bondi Junction by way of Baz Luhrmann’s grand Academy Award winning film.

This time I was seeing F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic story as a play, in a newish, Sydney premiere adaptation by American playwright Simon Levy, presented by a local north side community theatre troupe, the Epicentre Theatre Company.

As I was watching the action impressively unfold, I thought to myself that there was something special about this experience. One doesn’t need all the hype, the big bucks, the huge production values, and fancy  Hollywood stars for a show to work. All one needs is a damn good story, and a performing troupe who put their all into doing the best show that they can. In some respects the achievements of a small, unassuming troupe can be more impressive.

THE GREAT GATSBY is a hell of a story. The ‘major chords’ that it plays never fail to resonate. It is a parable for the ages….telling the story of Jay Gatsby, a ridiculously wealthy and classy man who assumed that he could have anything that he possibly wanted and yet falls short of keeping Daisy, the woman of his dreams. Continue reading THE GREAT GATSBY @ KU-RING-GAI TOWN HALL