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Kitty Flanagan’s Seriously @ The Roslyn Packer Theatre

Kitty 2

KITTY FLANAGAN’S SERIOUSLY is a very funny, entertaining and intelligent show.

The show opens with Penny Flanagan singing the Paul Kelly song, Sydney from a 747. Kitty joins her on stage and explains that Paul Kelly is obviously from Melbourne, and adds her own verse that doesn’t look at Sydney through such rosy glasses. She asks questions such as, “Who put Barangaroo there?!”

Seriously is a show largely about relationships. More specifically it is about Kitty’s many failed relationships. She explains that her Wikipedia page said that Kitty is a performer who mines her childlessness for comedic purposes. She explains that she did not maintain her childlessness to provide her with content for her show but that it resulted from her poor choices of partners and her ridiculously flimsy reasons for breaking up with them. Continue reading Kitty Flanagan’s Seriously @ The Roslyn Packer Theatre