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Caroline O’Connor and Bishanyia Vincent in Jim Cartwright’s ‘The Rose and Fall of Little Voice’. Production photography by Robert Catto.

Jim Cartwright wrote THE RISE AND FALL OF LITTLE VOICE in 1992 but the play seems to be set some years earlier, in the late sixties or seventies. A great play can over the decades be interpreted through the lens of that particular period.

In all likelihood the play was probably interpreted as yet another great kitchen sink drama where poverty and lack of status turns people into monsters.

Today it could be interpreted through the me too movement where women are ruthlessly exploited with the promise of love or fame. However it doesn’t matter because you can enjoy it simply as a night of great theatre.

Jim Cartwright calls this play a modern fairytale where Little Voice alone in her room (the tower) mourns for her recently departed father through listening to his old record collection comprising mainly of divas such as Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey and Marilyn Monroe. She must be rescued by a gentle prince in the unlikely form of a meek telephone technician. Below her room is a world of tumult with a drunken mother storming about irresponsibly with a manipulative beau  both of whom are trying to exploit Little Voice’s freakish talent for mimicking great singers. Continue reading THE RISE AND FALL OF LITTLE VOICE : BIG HEARTED THEATRE


UK playwright Jim Cartwright described his play as a contemporary fairytale where Little Voice retreats into her safe space similar to the fairytale tradition of the maiden in the tower.

LITTLE  VOICE,  as it is best known, was a huge success winning the Olivier award for Best Comedy and the Evening Standard award again for Best Comedy . It is a play that has had numerous productions all over the world including Australia and was made into a .film directed by Mark Herman in 1998. starring Jane Horrocks and Brenda Blethyn.

These are big shoes to fill and the Darlinghurst Theatre Company believes that it has the cast to split the seams of those shoes. Playing Marie the .boozy alcoholic mother of Little Voice is theatrical royalty Caroline O’Connor. She is thrilled to be in this production as she can throw off her musical theatre credentials and sink her teeth into a truely gritty role. Continue reading REHEARSAL CALL : THE RISE AND FALL OF LITTLE VOICE