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Production Images: John Marmaras

They watch.  They lurk and lean and linger in doorways.  We watch the men.  And we watch ourselves watching.  In KING OF PIGS there is a mirror at eye level to the audience and we see our watching selves reflected.  Somewhat frozen by the confrontation of self-perception, our right to silence is invoked by the setting, yet we are implicated in the events.  It’s a stunning metaphor in a play of reach and power which exhorts us to bear witness and be better.  To confront our understandings and analyse our responses and speak of these hidden, skulking things.

We meet a woman, we meet 4 men.  There are narratives around the men, all involving a woman, not one woman but, yet, the same woman. The men speak of past events.   She speaks in the past tense of injury and love and violence and desire.  The 4 stories will interweave to create a multilayered exploration of male violence, overt and covert.  There is a mystery in the stories, what has happened and how did this woman get here.  Continue reading KING OF PIGS: TIME TO CONSIDER


This photo: Blazey Best, Director of KING OF PIGS Featured image: KING OF PIGS in rehearsal

It doesn’t take a psychology degree, to work out why I was so nervous when speaking to Blazey Best about her directing of KING OF PIGS, a new Australian play soon to open at the Old Fitz Theatre.  This is a woman of infinite talent whose performance work I have admired over many years.  This production will see Blazey with her directing hat on and I began our conversation by fangirling her.

She was so lovely.  “Sorry you’re nervous.  Don’t be nervous” she responded with a wonderful laugh … “I’m very kind.  How’s the weather where you are?”  And I immediately felt better!  Continue reading KING OF PIGS: AN INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR, BLAZEY BEST