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Up Late with Belvoir and Moonshine & Tits Productions are pleased to present the premiere of ‘44 Sex Acts in One Week’, an apocalyptic rom-com created in extraordinary times. Premiering from 16 – 20 December at Belvoir  St Theatre, the play is part gig, part radio-play and part stab in the dark, in a subversive and  joyful response to the madness that was 2020.  

Bringing together two of Australia’s most loved comediennes, Green Room Award-winner Rebecca Massey  (ABC’s Utopia) and Sydney Theatre Award-winner Sheridan Harbridge (Griffin Theatre Company’s Prima Facie),  the comedic duo star alongside a cast of some of the country’s finest theatre talent including Keith Robinson  (Belvoir’s Twelfth Night), Priscilla Doueihy (IFC Films’ Babyteeth) and Michael Whalley (Belvoir’s Hir). 

Clickbait blogger Celina Valderrama has just been given the assignment from hell: do and review every item in a  new book entitled ‘ 44 Sex Acts That Will Change Your Life’ by Friday. With no other partner available, Celina  is forced to turn to her nemesis, the holier than thou eco-activist and office mail boy, Alab Delusa.  As the  unwilling couple embark on a race against time through the world of kink, will the friction between them unleash  the wild we’re all trying to keep at bay? Can this book make the world a better place?  Continue reading 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK : A PROVOCATIVE ROM-COM