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The Ishmael Club @ The Old Fitz

The Ishmael Club-inset
Inset pic- Amy Scott-Smith and Richard Hilliar. Featured pic- Katrina Rautenberg, Jasper Garner Gore and Richard Hilliar in THE ISHMAEL CLUB.

Call them Ishmael.

Ishmael is a club made up of, among others, Norman Lindsay, Will Dyson, Ruby Lind and Mrs. Maggia.

Norman Lindsay, famous artist, sex addict and major misogynist, Dyson, staunch socialist and satirist, Lind, Norman’s sister and an accomplished artist in her own right, and Maggia, licensee and chief cook and bottle washer of this Melbourne based Bohemian alliance.

Lindsay wanted it to be an all bloke affair, claiming women incapable of high art, but Dyson was head over heels with Ruby and Maggia had a stove, so the sheilas were admitted much to Norman’s annoyance. Continue reading The Ishmael Club @ The Old Fitz