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Production photography: Stephen Reinhardt

When exiting the theatre, as you step over the detritic chaos created by the human and robot cast of ROOMBA NATION, don’t let your program fall from your hand.  Or, to start at the beginning, buy a program you mingy sod!  Hurrah Hurrah’s program has lots of interesting information and, as this production will go from battery strength to mains power (see what I did there) that tiny, weeny sized print on A4  may well become a collector’s item.  Reading it at your leisure, amongst the bio and blurb you will find a little bit that describes what you are about to see as the “first iteration”.  And so it is.  It’s just not quiiiite there yet but all the basics are in play.  The shape, the themes, the length, the performances and …  the physical comedy.

Clowning is a messy business, that’s for damn sure and it is such a nice floor when you arrive.  Drawn on it is lots of Fibonacci-ish, golden ratio, spiral, theorum, um … ah… stuff.  All in lovely black swirling script on the nice white floor.  Then the doctor enters and she’s in really well cut and created first night whites.  Blinding.  The Nurse also, though his whites have a swish of angler’s waders about them. She is bent on proving that her cure works, even though it currently doesn’t and he is being superseded by an array of… sigh … care bots.  No wonder he is so cranky when a cracky new victim, sorry patient, arrives to be cured.  Of what?  Who the hell knows but we can kinder guess. Continue reading ROOMBA SHROOMA – HURRAH HURRAH MESSES UP OLD 505

Bad @ The Old Fitz

Late night clowning at the Old Fitzroy

Take in your piss and let them take the piss. The Old Fitz under the new regime Red Line Productions have ushered in a late show program to follow their main stage offering, beginning with BAD, a delightful piece of clown drollery.

BAD is so good it’s funny.

The lights go down in the bible black, Spartan no-back seating of the space, and the public address welcomes us to this production starring Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush.

In darkness visible, time passes, and the regrettable announcement that Geoffrey Rush will not be appearing this evening is made. From centre stage, a light, and a diminutive red nosed character in red shorts and silver cape, tights and boots introduces herself as Cate Blanchett. Her accent is kooky Francaise and the rest of her vocabulary is fluent gibberish. Continue reading Bad @ The Old Fitz