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BEYOND THE SURFACE is an explorative collaboration of paintings, drawings and silver jewellery.

The exhibition seeks to bring forth each of the artists unique responses to their environment. This is unified by a common desire to delve into a sense of place.

Personal echoes and connections to each of their surroundings has developed into a series of abstracted landscapes.

The artists hope to evoke aesthetic and emotional experiences; channelling messages of beauty, hope and appreciation.

Gabbi Lancaster is launching a new collection of silver jewellery and paintings; intuitively creating interplay between numerous translucent and opaque layers, revealing and concealing elements of nature. Her work portrays deep interconnections between humankind and the natural environment.

Sonya Jackson uses oil paints and charcoal; the sky and the land beneath it and the relationship between the two. Her underlying principle is to capture the subtle senses within the landscape, the movement, the energy and the perception of time.

Karen O’Connor works in oil paint and pursues themes of incidental colour combinations that create a visual harmony by pure chance – often from unnoticed, hidden, patterns and textures within a landscape.

Exhibition opening night celebration
Thursday 29th August 6 – 9pm

Afternoon drinks with the artists on Saturday 31st August at 3pm

Gallery : The Shop Gallery, 112 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

Gallery hours
10am – 6pm daily

Exhibition closes on Wednesday 4th September

For more about Beyond the Surface, visit http://www.theshopgalleryglebe.com/home
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