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Theatre company Sam Productions presented Edward Allan Baker’s 1986 one-act play DOLORES in an intimate studio apartment space on Parramatta Road, Annandale. Entering through an unassuming florist on the main road, up a flight of stairs then into a kitchen framed with chairs, it felt like sneaking into someone else’s home and stepping into their real lives. Continue reading DOLORES : THE DEVASTATION OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE


Pictured: Scarlett Waters, Photo: Kate Williams

“And that’s it. That’s the moment I realised. Never again is it gonna be like before.”

MOONCHILD by Julie Patey is a moving and funny new play exploring the relationships that shape us whether we are 13, 23, or 83 years old. Part space rave, part lift-off sequence, part coming of age story, the play revolves around quirky thirteen year old Moonchild, who dreams of outer space to escape the devastating loss of her best friend and the forces pulling her family apart.

Produced by we make theatre and presented as part of ATYP’s Cameo series, MOONCHILD brings together two of Australia’s most exciting young theatre makers, at either end of their generation, for a truly one of a kind theatrical experience.

Suitable for ages 12-112

AUG 10-20. Wed-Sat 7PM, Sun 5PM.

For more about Moonchild, visit http://www.atyp.com.au/cameo-moonchild
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