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44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK is just so much wonderful cabaret fun for adults, who just want to laugh out loud. Especially during a pandemic, that never seems to want to go away. The huge laughs are set in these two years, 2022 and 2080. A very live and fully staged radio play, a quite sexual rom-com with audience participation, plus live sound effects, even funnier when un-synced too. Just what the doctor ordered, when the end of civilisation is upon us, via covid-19-omicron.

Celina is the clickbait journalist, that is forced to repeatedly have sex with her enemy, the office mail boy Alab Delusa. By Friday, she must fully experience a brand new sexual journey for herself, by using the book called “The 44 Different Kinds of Sex Acts That Will Change Your Life”, she will be participating in trying all 44 kinds, starting with vanilla, and then loads of kinky kink, including greek, roller-door, pegging, fetishes, BDSM, polyamory, exhibitionism, role-play, orgies etc. Safe sex using a condom is also explained.

The book and the play ignored some additional sex acts that probably can be found in the book JOY OF SEX and completely missed out on showing/explaining heavy-petting, ménage à trois, soixante-neuf, spanish, french, hand in the bush, golden showers, double penetration, etc etc.

Smacking the rockmelon with a banana, and eating out the watermelon, in order to simulate sex on stage, multiple fruits are destroyed. Plastic aprons and tarpaulins are put to very good use, as is the swimming pool built for four.

Developed with the support of Belvoir, 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK is part of the Artists at Work Initiative.

STARRING – Rebecca Massey, Keith Robinson, Emma Harvie, Priscilla Doueihy, Matt Hardie.
Playwright – David Finnigan.
Director – Sheridan Harbridge.
Lighting and Set Design by Trent Suidgeest.
Foley Director, Sound Design and Composition by Steve Tolumin.
Photographs by Brett Boardman.

Duration of 75 MINUTES with NO INTERVAL.

Content Warnings: Adult themes, sexual references, strong language, strobe lighting and haze. Only suitable for adult audiences.

Seymour Centre from the 12th until 16th January 2022, as part of Sydney festival.