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Quiet Faith @ The Joan


Any Queenslander of a certain age will have strong opinions about the separation of Church and State and I am no exception. The Fitzgerald corruption enquiry which incidentally put the bigotry and religious zeal of some politicians on trial was in 1988 but the scars are still tender. The topic of religion and politics is never an easy discussion and recent leaders have not helped the healing. As a kind of a protection I took a friend, a young person, a person of faith, with me to the verbatim theatre performance QUIET FAITH at The Joan in Penrith.

However, QUIET FAITH is not really about religion and politics. It is about the religious… and their politics. Not media savvy, strident soundbite Christians but real people and their individual beliefs populate the stage. Theatre maker DAVID WILLIAMS has distilled hours of interviews into a snapshot of Australians who are motivated by faith to act with love. And hearing their words is what makes the show so riveting and why theatre is the perfect way to interpret the work. My friend crystallised it when she said as we were leaving, you need a communal experience to fully appreciate their point of view. Continue reading Quiet Faith @ The Joan


Nathan O'Keefe and Danielle Catanzaritti in Windmill Theatre Company's PINOCCHIO
Nathan O’Keefe and Danielle Catanzaritti in Windmill Theatre Company’s PINOCCHIO. Pic Brett Boardman

‘Are you brave enough to be real’?

A fabulous bright bold and colourful re telling of this much loved Carlo Collodi story for all ages that enchants .Yes , this is still a very moral story , of a little puppet who wants to be real , about not telling lies , with the extendable nose and there is also a subtle anti-bullying message.

Continue reading PINOCCHIO