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Oscar Wilde’s play AN IDEAL HUSBAND premiered in 1895 .This new production, part of the Wilde season by Classic Spring Company was filmed earlier this year at the Vaudeville Theatre in London’s West End.  It transfers excellently from stage to screen.

Directed by Jonathan Church mostly it seems as relevant as if it was written yesterday, with its scheming, plotting and hidden potential scandals of political financial meddling and corruption. It is tautly structured with several complicated plot twists. Other issues Wilde raises include women’s position in society, class divisions and the forgiveness of past errors, and the damage of ruining lives of great value to society because of people’s hypocritical reactions to those acts .Church has a fabulous creative team and a magnificent cast. Great attention is paid to Wilde’s witty aphorisms and sparkling text and there is excellent timing and phrasing from the superb ensemble

It is gloriously designed by Simon Higlett .The sets are ravishing and elegantly subtle especially for those of Sir Robert Chiltern’s house with the burnished gold .The costumes are stunning – exquisitely tailored expensively cut suits for the men and some striking outfitsfor the women.

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The Last Confession

The Last Confession, Mirvish Productions Toronto

One of the first things that you notice before you even enter the auditorium is the delicate smell of incense wafting through. An olfactory cue that we are in the Vatican, as is the glorious choral music.

First performed in 2007 as part of the Chichester Festival and then with a massively popular London season and international tour , ‘The Last Confession’ written by Roger Crane and directed by Jonathan Church, is a gripping behind the scenes political thriller set in the Vatican during the reigns of Popes Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II. Most of the action centres around the unexpected demise of John Paul I in 1978 after only 33 days in the papacy. Continue reading The Last Confession