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This is the first time that this neglected rather early Rattigan play has been seen in Sydney. While it now perhaps seems rather dated and ‘of its time’ under Giles Gartrell-Mills’ excellent direction this play while at first, seemingly very artificial, superficial and slow to take off, develops and becomes quite intense and multi-layered.

Rattigan’s play, AFTER THE DANCE written in 1939, examines the life of the young people who survived World War One and lived life to the full in the hedonistic 1920s, only to find themselves now middle-aged, disillusioned and facing another World War .It is a study of a  lost generation. The script is brilliantly written and the play well plotted and structured. At times the play seems a bit like a brittle Coward comedy – the audience laughed heartily at certain points at the sparking , witty dialogue –  but there remains  an underlying passion and morality. Rattigan is able to let the audience see  the hidden sadness of these doomed fantasists. Continue reading TERRENCE RATTIGAN’S ‘AFTER THE DANCE’ @ THE NEW THEATRE NEWTOWN


Karoline O’Sullivan plays Theenie in Alison Lyssa’s new play PINBALL

The ongoing debate about same sex marriage and parenting is still in full swing in 2014, 33 years after playwright Alison Lyssa wrote PINBALL.

She wrote the play to help a lesbian mother who was fighting a very costly court case for custody of her children.  Society has come a long way in its acceptance of same sex parents, but prejudice still exists today.  It’s good that Lyssa’s play has been revived for Mardi Gras Sydney 2014, to remind us of the pain that this kind of exclusion can bring loving parents.

Theenie and Sylvester have separated – Theenie has moved on to a new life with her lesbian girlfriend, Axis, and Sylvester has found a new wife, Louise, the epitome of conservative acceptability.  Theenie and Sylvester have an eight year old son, Alabaster, (all the children on stage are imagined), who will soon be the victim of a nasty custody battle.

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