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‘Silent Disco’ – Lives Coloured by Unreliable Narration

Production images: Chris Lundie

It is most common stuck in traffic I think.  Glancing across at someone car dancing and wondering what they are dancing to.  They wiggle and head bang in a world of their own, caught up by the irresistibility of rhythm or the thump of bass.  It leads me to wonder …  what is beneath their choice to block out the world and have that tiny moment of pure self.   SILENT DISCO, written by Sydney playwright Lachlan Philpott,  playing at the New Theatre is like that.  We see what they do, how they move in the world.  But understanding them through what they say is tricky … it’s all coloured by the unreliable narration of Tamara.  Continue reading ‘Silent Disco’ – Lives Coloured by Unreliable Narration




Somewhere in our bent-over-laughing pavement debrief my hysterical friend and I decided that siblings really are divided into Kyles and Hamiltons. She being the youngest of 4 girls is a Kyle and my dopey brother is a Kyle. I am definitely more of a Hamilton.

We had, you see, just enjoyed THE BEST BROTHERS at Old 505 theatre and we were lurching along the street histrionically laughing out loud. It’s OK , it’s Newtown, none cares. Luckily. Because it may happen to you too. This is a cracker of a production and destined to sell out so get your tickets ASAP because the show is as dry, warm and loving as a pooch by the fire yet oddly hilarious and witty. Continue reading THE BEST BROTHERS @ OLD 505 NEWTOWN

This Boy’s In Love @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre

Talented performer Adriano ADO Cappelletta performing at the Old Fitz

THIS BOY’S IN LOVE is about a boy looking for and possibility, finding, love.  That’s it.  No boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy gets boy. Just … meet, struggle a bit, settle a bit and a kinda, sorta happy ending.  If that really was it, the show would be a funny, charming and entertaining 75 minutes in the theatre. Which it kinda, sorta is.

However.  What happens in this multi layered show, written and performed by Adriano Cappelleta and directed by Johann Walraven, is more than the gay rom-com it aspires to be. It is a well-crafted theatrical rendering of the almost impossible task of accepting or giving love.  Whether you are a boy, a girl or a small fluffy animal! Continue reading This Boy’s In Love @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre

Beyond Therapy @ King Street

Rebecca Scott as Prudence and David Hooley as Bruce in BEYOND THERAPY
Rebecca Scott as Prudence and David Hooley as Bruce in BEYOND THERAPY

Originally produced in 1981, Christopher Durang’s BEYOND THERAPY is a classic of its time and has had some spectacular names associated over time. Sigourney Weaver, Diane Wiest , John Lithgow to name just three. Robert Altman even made a film loosely based on it.

Johann Walraven, director of the current production at King Street Theatre views the text with a modern eye. His director’s notes speak of a “mid thirties” guy who sees his peer group change and wonders what choice is right for him. That generation was certainly well represented in the audience the night I saw the show. I was often alone in laughing out loud in response to the text and its 80’s references.

Bruce (David Hooley) is feeling the lack of marriage and children in his life, this despite having a male live-in-lover, Bob (Jasper Whincop). Abetted by his meddling and inept therapist, Charlotte (Nadia Townsend) he is placing ads in the newspaper’s lonely hearts column. Twice, he attracts Prudence (Rebecca Scott) who has been egged on by her therapist, Stuart (Andrew Johnson). After at first hating each other, the pair grow into a nervous relationship.

While Bruce has Bob to deal with, Prudence has her hands full with Stuart. She has had sex with him in the past and he is very keen to repeat the experience despite her mention of deregistration and his premature ejaculation issue. Bruce takes Charlotte’s advice as gospel despite the fact that she has some kind of nominal aphasia and a Snoopy toy to support her who barks when a patient makes her happy. And poor Bob is not going without making a splash! Continue reading Beyond Therapy @ King Street