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KING OF THIEVES is based on an incredible true story.

A famous thief in his younger years, 77 year old widower Brian Reader pulls together a band of misfit criminals to plot an unprecedented burglary at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit.

The thieves, all in their 60s and 70s except for one, employ their old-school thieving skills to plan the heist over the Easter holiday weekend. Posing as servicemen, they enter the deposit, neutralise the alarms, and proceed to drill a hole into the wall of the safe. Two days later, they manage to escape with allegedly over £200 million worth of stolen jewels and money. Continue reading KING OF THIEVES: THE AGELESS VILLAINS OF THE HATTON GARDEN HEIST. PREVIEW GIVEAWAY


Brooklyn 2

BROOKLYN is a charming film which balances a motley and very entertaining collection of characters with a lovely, sentimental story. Nick Hornby has come up with a strong screenplay from Colm Toibin’s memorable novel. Director John Crowley delightfully recreates the worlds of Brooklyn and Ireland in the 1950’s.

Saoirse Ronan plays the main character Eilis Lacey, a young lady who leaves Ireland for a job and a new life in Brooklyn. She meets and falls in love with Tony Fiorello (Emory Cohen), a young man from an Italian background. Her connections in Ireland still have a gravitational pull and this dilemma provides difficulties for her which she has to resolve. Ronan’s character’s journey is a rich one, starting out as meek and fragile and coming out confident and strong.

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stuff the taxidermist
Nicole Kidman plays Millicent, a sinister taxidermist who has her eye on Paddington

Grin and bear it. PADDINGTON is the best teddy bear picture since Ted.

Kudos in the cute and cuddly big screen adaptation of Michael Bond’s beloved creation must go to writer/director Paul King who has not only written a very funny screenplay but assembled a brilliant cast and a superlative crew.

The cast of PADDINGTON is led by acclaimed British talent, Ben Whishaw, who has gone from Keats to Q and is now the voice of Paddington, and what an evocative vocalisation it is, perfectly pitched to the pictorial presentation and emotional characterisation. Continue reading Paddington