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Whatever you do, don’t miss the opening credits of GHOST STORIES. Just like the stage show from which it hails, the ride begins here.  Some readers may have seen the truly creepy play in London and others may have had the misfortune to have seen the highly flawed production at the Opera House a few years ago. Either way, even if you know the ending, this film has a complete compliment of chilling atmosphere, creepy goings on and an innate, troubling mystery.

Cynic of the paranormal, Professor Philip Goodman (Andy Nyman), is given three supernatural cases by a thought-dead colleague drawn from the spook hunter past.  Drawn to immerse himself in investigating them, he meets face to face with three men who have had a haunted experience. Tony Matthews (Paul Whitehouse) whose experience as a night watchman has driven him to the drink and given him a thirst for being paid for his relating of ghostly scares.  Simon Rifkind (Alex Lawther) a young man living in his hellish bedroom, is unhappy in his homelife particularly after some nasty events in the forest.   Mike Priddle (Martin Freeman) a City trader now rattling around in his big, modernist country home is anxiously awaiting the birth of his first child. Continue reading GHOST STORIES: A CREEPY BLEND OF SCARES AND MYSTERY

Ghost Stories @ The Drama Theatre Sydney Opera House

Ghost Stories- inset
Get ready for some thrills and chills with Prince Moo’s production of GHOST STORIES. Production photography by Liam O’Keefe.

GHOST STORIES  is a spooky play  written by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson which has come direct from the West End. A note from the director Peter J. Snee states that, “Our biggest fear is that horror is lurking somewhere out there…it is lurking inside you right now, simply waiting for the opportunity to break free when you are least expecting it and are at your most vulnerable.”

The audience is greeted by the eerie, haunting and unsettling sounds of howling winds emanating from the theatre to the foyer which sets the tone and mood of the  intriguing performance. Continue reading Ghost Stories @ The Drama Theatre Sydney Opera House