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Production images: Grant Leslie Photography

Kafkaesque?  Did I hear “Kafkaesque”?  I did, I did hear it … Daddy Ogre said it!  SHREK: THE MUSICAL opens with a charming vignette about throwing a seven year old ogre out of the family home to make his own swampy way.

Couple of things going on here.  Unrestrained enthusiasm from the younger audience for the characters they know and love and hilarious asides and jokes for the grown-ups.  No wonder this audience, old and young, is so fired up.  There is nothing better than live!  It’s such a pleasure to plonk down in a nice seat at the Concourse surrounded by an excited audience and have the detail and performance excellence of Willoughby Theatre Company’s production squeeze all the love in the room.  “Cue the happy people.”

As Fiona and Shrek, Nikole Music and Jeremy Curtin grab the audience’s attention immediately.  It’s a very clever script in that way, no false mystery or waiting around for the main event.  Music is commanding and feisty from the beginning and Curtin’s grumphs and humphs are precisely what we need to see. Continue reading SHREK THE MUSICAL: 9 OR 90 THIS SHOW IS A PURE DELIGHT



Packemin - Wicked - Grant Leslie Photography
Packemin – Wicked – Grant Leslie Photography

Fellow Ozians! Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Riverside Parramatta , stampede the box office and book now if you haven’t already for this wonderful production by Packemin of WICKED. Lovingly , lavishly directed with a sure touch by Neil Gooding , Packemin have outdone themselves in this splendid version . ( Packemin have also previously performed a terrific version of the original The Wizard of OZ ).

Now regarded as a modern classic WICKED by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holman, based on the book by Gregory Maguire , tells the story behind the scenes of The Wizard of Oz and what really happened. Who is Elphaba , the ‘Wicked Witch of the West ‘ ? What is Glinda’s real name ? Who were the Tin Man , Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion? Continue reading PACKEMIN PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS WICKED @ RIVERSIDE THEATRES PARRAMATTA

Willoughby Theatre Company’s Evita @ The Concourse

Lucy Hood plays the part of The Mistress. She delivers a great version of the classic ballad, ‘Another Suitcase Another Hall’

Willoughby Theatre Company productions just keep on getting better and better. This amazing production of this now iconic musical, with its huge cast, under the direction of Declan Moore, transports us to Buenos Aires. As we enter and take our seats, tango music softly plays.

Greed, power and corruption ooze through this show. There is much cynical manipulation of the common people and unacknowledged hypocrisy. The musical, told in flashback- it starts with Eva’s funeral- tells the story of the life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Perón. Continue reading Willoughby Theatre Company’s Evita @ The Concourse