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Fun, laughs, good times …

Willoughby Theatre Company’s magnificent performance of SWEET CHARITY is thoroughly recommended for musical theatre fans.

Vibrant ,charming and colourful it explodes onto the Concourse Theatre stage and is superbly led by leading lady Amy Curtin.

Director Janina Hamerlok has assembled a great cast and there are huge crowds in the big production numbers (eg Rhythm of Life).

This is a terrific revival of the now classic musical, which follows the disastrous love life of Charity Hope Valentine, an ever hopeful . hopelessly romantic, but comically ill- starred dance hall hostess in New York City. Charity , with her two best friends Nickie and Helene, work at the rather sleazy Fandago club . They have accepted that what they are doing is renting out their bodies to any man who will pay but dream of escape. Above all, Charity wants more than anything to be loved. Continue reading SWEET CHARITY @ THE CONCOURSE



‘A life lived in fear is a life half lived’

The iconic much loved 1992 Baz Luhrmann film has been adapted to the stage as a musical (in 2014)and is now joyously brought to life by the Willoughby Theatre Company in their latest production.

Set in the mid 1980’s it follows Scott’s search to be true to his creative self and here is presented as a fairy tale. It’s the inspiring story of a championship ballroom dancer who defies all the Federation rules to follow his heart. Lovingly directed by Tom Sweeney all the favourite songs are retained (Perhaps , Perhaps , Time After Time, Love is In The Air etc ) and it is smoothly paced with a great cast and fine ensemble work. Continue reading WILLOUGHBY THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS STRICTLY BALLROOM @ THE CONCOURSE