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Production photos – Katy Green Loughrey

The award winning US play TECHNICOLOR LIFE by Jami Brandli, is now having its Australian premiere as part of The Depot Theatre’s 2017 Season.

Grandmother, mother and two daughters, explore divorce, adolescence, war-wounded, cancer, remission, euthanasia, and  much more. Billie (Tasha O’Brien) a young and love-struck Iraq War soldier, loses her left hand and is sent home, with PTSD, damaged and angry.

Billie’s fourteen year old sister, Maxine (Nyssa Hamilton) is the  narrator of this story, and she attempts to help her now alcoholic wounded sister, by enlisting her new imaginary friends – Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw from the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.

The unravelling of inter-generational female relationships are brilliantly explored. The right to die movement, friendly fire, women in the military on the front line in Iraq, hiding sexual assault on military women.                                                  Continue reading JAMI BRANDLI’S ‘TECHNICOLOUR LIFE’ @ THE DEPOT THEATRE, MARRICKVILLE