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X + Y

X plus Y- inset

Fans of the fabulous Australian feature film Paper Planes should find a simpatico fascination with X + Y, British filmmaker Morgan Matthews’ movie about a math whiz attending an international calculus contest.

Asa Butterfield plays Nathan, a number crunching nerd on, as they say, the spectrum, although his Asperger’s is as benign as an asparagus and it’s noughtism rather that autism that drives his binary braininess.

His social arrhythmia seems to be subtracted when focused on factors, centered on integers, pining for primaries, and longing for logarithms. Continue reading X + Y


Jurists almost come to blows in Reginald Rose's classic courtroom drama, TWELVE ANGRY MEN
Jurists almost come to blows in Reginald Rose’s classic courtroom drama, TWELVE ANGRY MEN

For their final production of the year, the Epicentre Theatre Company has taken on one of the classic courtroom dramas, Reginald Rose’s 1955 masterpiece, TWELVE ANGRY MEN.

The play opens with the twelve jury members congregating in the jury room shortly after having heard the closing arguments in what, at first blush, appears to be a clear-cut homicide case. If the the defendant is found guilty, the sentence is the electric chair.

As is the case with the American legal system, twelve jurors need to unanimously decide on a verdict of either guilty or not guilty. If a decisive verdict is not reached then the jury is declared a hung jury. The prosecution then have the right to seek a retrial.

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