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Production Photos © Bob Seary

It’s only when the cast of 13 line up across the stage for curtain calls that you really take in what an achievement AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY is.  Playing at the New Theatre, this work is so enjoyable and well-crafted that one is swept away with the characters and their story.  People come and go in this tale set in the heat of an Oklahoma small town and each of the performances blends seamlessly into the atmospheric narrative.  It’s long, three acts. But, with the help of two intervals, time flies by on the wings of a thoroughly enjoyable production from a Tony and Drama Desk winning script by Pulitzer Prize winner, Tracy Letts.

Beverly Weston is speaking to a figure in the dark as the play begins.  It will turn out that this, once promising,poet is interviewing Johnna for a position as cook and cleaner in his house just outside Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  It will also turn out that he has an addiction to alcohol and his wife, Violet, has an addition to pills.  And cigarettes, despite her mouth being filthy with cancer and little cruelties.  As the story weaves into itself after this prologue and after a tragedy, we will meet their three daughters, Ivy, Barbara and Karen and truths will be told in the heat of a southern summer. Continue reading AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY – ‘WHIMSICAL INSULTS’ AND TRUTHS TO TAKE HOME

The Diary Of Anne Frank @ The New Theatre

Anne Frank- inset
Inset plc- father- James Bean and daughter- Justina Ward try to get through the hell of Nazi Germany in The Diary Of Anne Frank . Featured pic- A cast shot. Production photos by Matthias Engesser

This is Anne Frank’s story, told through her diaries. It makes for tough reading, or more to the point tough viewing, in the current New Theatre production of the 1955 stage adaptation by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

Sam Thomas’ eloquent revival brings her painful and sad story to life. Tragically, Anne lived her last few years with her family in hiding, never knowing if, in the next moment, they will be discovered and transferred to a death camp.

Continue reading The Diary Of Anne Frank @ The New Theatre

The Matilda Waltz

THE MATILDA WALTZ, written by Deborah Mulhall, spans 100 years of Australian history through the eyes of five generations of Australian women, each the daughter of the woman before.

The play begins in Sydney in 1894 where we meet siblings Vera and Ida Templeton, their lawyer Mr Andrew (Banjo) Paterson and the charming Horrie. From here we follow the Templeton family tree through the First and Second World Wars and onto Vietnam. Sydney, Queensland & outback NSW also feature with clever locations changes made with the turn of a street sign or the addition of a piece of rope or bed linen. Continue reading The Matilda Waltz