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Sydney dance organisation Shaun Parker & Company continues to push the boundaries of traditional dance and arts with a collaboration in conjunction with Australia’s first openly gay male rapper JamarzOnMarz  (James Emmanuel). Black, queer, and undeniably talented, JamarzOnMarz defies the typical hetero visual representations that dominate hip-hop, and has previously caught the attention of diverse artists including Solange Knowles, Marcia Hines, and Courtney Act.  

Dropping his latest single Tomorrow on Friday 30th October, the song and its accompanying video tell an entertaining but important and true story of the rapper’s own experiences with discrimination and coming out. Written about his partner, Tomorrow follows the feelings that accompany first (same sex) love, and is performed in both English and Swahili, the latter an act of defiance by the artist whose motherland of Kenya still considers homosexuality a crime. Filmed in a classroom and leading to a scene where James is dragged to the principal’s office to have his head forcibly shaved, it was his own experiences that shaped the narrative.  Continue reading SHAUN PARKER AND COMPANY AND JAMARZONMARZ : A UNIQUE COLLABORATION