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Production Photography: Prudence Upton

HORROR playing at the Sydney Opera House is not a show that you want a reviewer telling you about.  It is a show which is almost impossible to write about without accidentally giving away spoilers.  So this here little piece of writing may well be a whole lot of nothing about a huge variety of something. For this is a genre buster of a production.

It is an homage to the horror film genre which has fascinated Swedish  Director Jakop Ahlbom since he was a boy.  The work is presented by his Netherlands based Jakop Ahlbom Company and from my perspective it isn’t just horror … but I’m not telling you what else it references due to my non-spoiler commitment.  I can say that I didn’t see any space western in it. Continue reading HORROR: HORROR: HORROR!


HORROR Jakop Ahlbom
Photo: Sanne Peper

Genre-defying and artistically-groundbreaking physical theatre work, HORROR will plunge audiences into a surreal world of fright and adrenaline when it premieres at the Sydney Opera House in August, before touring to Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Created by renowned physical theatre maker and mastermind Jakop Ahlbom, HORROR is a spine-chilling homage to the classical film genre, using cinematic horror effects rarely seen in live theatre. Inspired by such aspects of the horror genre as black humour, slapstick and terrifyingly-surreal imagery, HORROR demonstrates Ahlbom’s unique talent for combining his expertise in cinematic editing techniques, stage magic and elaborate sequences of physical virtuosity. Continue reading GENRE DEFYING ‘HORROR’ FOR DRAMA THEATRE, SOH.