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‘Shepherd’. Pic by Matt Predny

SHEPHERD is an absurdist play written and directed by Liam Maguire. The cast of 6 very talented actors (Grace Victoria, Rose Riley, Jacob Warner, Mark Paguio, Cece Peters, Adam Sollis) each play their role in a brilliant and thoroughly believable way. 

This dark satire looks at the age old concern of trying to find yourself when you have so many insecurities and are unsure of yourself,  or your place in this crazy world. Continue reading SHEPHERD : DOWNSTAIRS @ BELVOIR STREET


The Ensemble Theatre’s latest play, the intriguing and powerful LUNA GALE, opens with two meth addicts, Karlie and Peter, who are contained in a waiting room while their baby Luna is receiving medical attention for dehydration. Husband Peter is slumped on a chair, coming down from the drug, whilst Karlie is pacing the room, trying to wake him up by force-feeding him ‘Skittles’. Her bag is full of junk food.

Written in 2014 by American award-winning playwright and author, Rebecca Gilman, this cleverly constructed play can appear at first to be dealing with cliches, but scene by scene, it turns them upside down. Continue reading LUNA GALE : INTRIGUING DRAMA @ THE ENSEMBLE THEATRE

Daylight Saving

Helen Dallimore, Ian Stenlake, Belinda Giblin, Christ Stollery, Rachel Gordon (c) Helen White
Helen Dallimore, Ian Stenlake, Belinda Giblin, Christ Stollery, Rachel Gordon (c) Helen White

The starting point to Nick  Enright’s DAYLIGHT SAVING is unexceptional. A forties something North Shore married couple, Tom and Felicity, are struggling to find time together. Tom, a high profile sports agent, is always travelling overseas to cater to the whims of his clients. He is about to head off again and  Felicity- nicknamed Flick- chides him, once more, with feeling.

Enright packs in  plenty of  ‘red herrings’, interesting plot lines, farcical situations, quirky characters and zingy one liners to keep audiences well entertained to a very neat finishing line.

This latest  revival of one of Enright’s most  popular works, first performed at Kirribilli’s Ensemble theatre in 1989, is given a  warm, polished, vibrant production by Adam Cook who was a close friend of the late, master Australian playwright. Continue reading Daylight Saving