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Production photography: Zak Kaczmarek

80, the program says 80.  “Why the hell hasn’t it come out… there must be people out there, like Tracy, who know.”  At a very civilised breakfast overlooking the lighthouse on the beach in Wollongong, my friend was getting really worked up, unusual given how much theatre she sees.  We had been to LOST BOYS the night before, it’s playing at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, and we were haunted by the physical beauty of the show and somewhat disoriented by the pervasive whiff of a slightly paranoid, hunted feeling.

Gay people were chased, beaten and killed by teenage gangs in Sydney beachside suburbs from the late 1970s to the mid 1990s and LOST BOYS, from writer Lachlan Philpott, has crash tackled and wrestled the issue into the limelight.  Though there have been other TV and theatre around the topic, LOST BOYS puts the perpetrators front and centre with a chilling normalcy. Continue reading LOST BOYS – A PRODUCTION FOR REMEMBERING

Lovely @ PACT

Jackson Davis has a celebrity crush on Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Davis has harnessed this crush and conceived a funny and entertaining show that draws on many of Hoffman’s film performances.

Brief scenes from many of Hoffman’s forty odd films are shown on monitors and simultaneously performed on stage by members of the ensemble cast. The performances are filmed and also shown on monitors which results in the audience having three concurrent versions of the particular scenario to contemplate. Continue reading Lovely @ PACT