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The God Of Carnage @ The Tap

Jacki Nixon as Veronica and Yannick Lawry as Alan in the current revival of Yasmine Reza's THE GOD OF CARNAGE
Jacki Mison  as Veronica and Yannick Lawry as Alan in  Yasmina Reza’s THE GOD OF CARNAGE

I am a big fan of French playwright Yasmina Reza’s work. Reza is such a deft, subtle playwright. Out of the simplest of situations she creates poetic, poignant theatre.

In  her most well known play ART (1994) a professional man in his thirties has bought a hugely expensive painting, an abstract work of art, that he hangs oin the main wall in his living room. He invites his two best friends, also professional men, over for a catch up and to get their opinion of this latest acquisition. His two friends are aghast. They can’t believe their best mate has spent so much money in what they see as a vacuous, indulgent artwork. And so begins a play that has ripples of meaning going everywhere. The play ends up being very little about art and a lot about friendships and their very fragile nature. Continue reading The God Of Carnage @ The Tap