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A concert featuring the wonderful songs of Joni Mitchell is sure to entice an enthusiastic audience to Parramatta’s busy and pulsing Riverside Theatre. Queenie van de Zandt delivers a polished and informative show to the appreciative crowd. An excellent trio comprising Hugh Fraser on bass, Gary Vickery on guitars and Daniel Edmonds on piano and stand in musical director supports Queenie. These talented musicians were a highlight of the evening and featured some delightful and entertaining arrangements. Queenie skill as a singer is impressive. She covers the extraordinary vocal and dynamic range required for Joni Mitchell’s songs although in a different style than the passionate folk music reflectiveness of Joni. Her style of singing and warmth suits the cabaret and storytelling format of the evening.

Queenie opened with ‘Blue’, one of Joni Mitchell’s great love songs that appears on her album of the same name. The album ‘Blue’ features on various lists as one of the greatest albums of all time so it almost selects itself as a song to include in the show. This raises the difficult question what songs should be included in a performance showcasing Joni Mitchell songs. On Joni Mitchell’s website there is an article listing the thirty greatest songs of Joni Mitchell. It acknowledges that this a subjective list and is assembled with assistance from Roger McGuinn, Matthew E. White, Graham Nash, Linda Perhacs, Mike Heron and others. David Crosby was asked to pick a best song and said that there are thirty or forty best songs. Continue reading QUEENIE VAN DE ZANDT : BLUE – THE SONGS OF JONI MITCHELL


Local Singer/songwriter Rachel Collis gave two memorable concerts in Glebe as part of this year's Sydney Fringe Festival
Local Singer/songwriter Rachel Collis gave two memorable concerts in Glebe as part of this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival

Rachel Collis is an excellent pianist and has a powerful voice. Her playing and singer cover a variety of styles and Rachel has been compared to Tim Minchin, Regina Spektor, Blossom Dearie and Ben Folds. One can also hear hints of Bette Midler and Casey Chambers. This diversity of comparisons indicates that she is not to be pigeon holed. Her songs are funny and her self-deprecating banter introducing the songs adds to the evening’s enjoyment.

 The venue for singer and songwriter Rachel Collis’ 2013 Sydney Fringe Festival show was the delightful Cafe Church Space Glebe. A mixture of lounges and tables and chairs, high ceilings, black drapes and quirky lamp shades create an enigmatic space to complement this very talented performer.

Rachel was accompanied by Hugh Fraser’s smooth and understated bass and Michael Quigley’s precise and subtle drumming. Rachel also gave us one song in which she played ukulele – a nice variation.

Her material covered diverse subjects such as her cooking spaghetti bolognese a little too often, an ode to Pablo her Brazilian waxer, and what it would be like if Germany had won the war (a few less books to read). Occasionally she let her powerful voice overwhelm the storytelling. It adds to the musicality of the show but some of the lyrics were difficult to follow.

Rachel Collis last show for the festival was Saturday 21st September. You can listen to a few songs and look for future performances on her website: http://www.rachelcollis.com/