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Production Images: Victor Frankowski

HOME is the bastard child of Buster Keaton, Shin Lim and Corey Worthington.  A two storey residence is magic-ed onto stage.  The residents of it, over its lifetime, cling to it and make it home and they also fill it with people they don’t know in a pretty loose invite.

The residents and guests will build stories, paper their stories with emotion and, what I was unprepared for, sometimes simply reflect.  It is the meditative quality of HOME that I enjoyed most.  The beauty, craft and humour of the work are rich and everpresent but the moments of muse pulled us forward in our seats in a communal reach for how we grasp our small place in a big world. Continue reading HOME. A MEDITATION ON HEARTH AND HEART






HOME is a fast-paced delightful 94 minutes, I really enjoyed watching this movie as did my kids. Released on 19 March, HOME is DREAMWORKS lone theatrical release of this year, and it has been well worth the wait, especially in the 3D version as distributed only in overseas markets by Twentieth Century Fox.

DREAMWORKS marketing for this movie was both clever and unique, because they released from 7 March 2014 a fast-paced, wonderful, charming and captivating 3D DreamWorks computer-graphics-animated four minute comedy short called “ALMOST HOME”, that screened before each new DreamWorks children’s movie, including the 3D Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and 3D Penguins of Madagascar, plus the Blue Sky Studios film 3D Rio 2.

Based on the 2007 children’s science fiction book, written by Adam Rex, “The True Meaning of Smekday” and featuring the voices of Steve Martin, Rihanna and Jim Parsons, HOME has Gratutity (“Tip”) Tucci as its female protagonist, this a wonderful story that has both heart and humour.

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