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This delightful concert was filmed as part of the MDCH season but was actually performed at the atmospheric Cell Block Theatre in Sydney.

Each work was introduced by Artistic Director of the Haydn Ensemble Skye McIntosh. For this performance the Ensemble was reduced to a quartet: Skye McIntosh on violin, with Matthew Greco on violin, Karina Schmitz on viola, and Daniel Yeadon on cello.

There was magnificent, precise playing by the four musicians, who had a great rapport between them and concentrated intently.

The theme of the concert was dreams – a source of illumination and fascination for artists, writers, filmmakers, psychologists and composers alike ( think Goya and Poe, for example, not forgetting van Gogh to name just a few ). The music attempts to comprehend the intangibility of dreams – the tales, memories and colour of dreams, some vivid some just snatches, some current, some past. Continue reading AUSTRALIAN HAYDN ENSEMBLE : HAYDN’S DREAM


A glorious concert with magnificent performance by the ACO , led by Richard Tognetti and Croatian -born soloist Dejan Lazic on piano , focusing on music mostly by Mozart and showcasing the ACO’s great strengths as well as exploring the “Sturm und Drang” style . The Orchestra and Lazic had a great rapport.

HAYDN ‘s Symphony No.39 in G minor ‘Tempesta di mare’ began the concert The first movement with its brisk strings and robust circular melody that was looped and repeated and listen out for the horns featured. The second movement was an elegant lilting dance like movement while the third movement with its horns and woodwind was a cascading wall of pulsating sound .The fourth and final movement was scurrying with its flurried , impatient strings. Throughout the work there were contrasts in mood and at times quite sharp , spiky rhythms that made the work sounds very fresh and contemporary.

MOZART’S Rondo Concertante (arr. Dejan Lazić) in its Australian Premiere we heard the piano played by Lazic with a delicate graceful touch , crisp and precise that sparkled and rippled in a glorious bravura display – a most interesting reworking of a piece that originally contains a cadenza but here adapted for piano. Continue reading AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA CELEBRATING MOZART @ CITY RECITAL HALL


The Sydney Classical Guitar Society’s annual concert , this year entitled ENSEMBLE EXTRAVAGANZA,  has long been one of the most popular and exciting events on the Society’s calendar and after being in the lucky audience I can understand why!

The CGS Orchestra and Ensemble were featured with special guests including the Canberra Guitar Society, who trekked all the way especially for the occasion, the Segovia Ensemble, the Hills Ensemble, the Carmen Trio, Completely Plucked and more.

The varied program included works by Vincent Lindsey-Clarke, Mark Houghton(UK), Eric Clapton, Percy Grainger, Roland Dyens, Haydn, and Albeniz.

Particular highlights were the premiere performances of Christopher Keane’s 3 movement work Frets and Leonard Weiss’ Six String Suite. Mr Keane kindly gave us a little background on the title, Frets, its varied meanings, including the description of the movement of water over and around obstacles, and how he endeavoured to recreate this using four and sometimes more time signatures simultaneously “crashing into each other, like the waters they represent”, producing an exciting virtuoso performance from the group, Completely Plucked.

The GGS Ensemble’s rendition of Ouagadougou by Luc Levesque was another unique standout. Indeed I had never heard guitars used in this way to reproduce percussion inspired by obscure African tribal music. This was then complimented by the wonderful musicianship of the Carmen Trio’s three varied pieces.

Variation, in fact, was the hallmark of the evening’s repertoire. The resulting performance ran the full gamut from very good through adventurous, thoughtful, wonderful, and delightful to the sheer power of the combined orchestra finale.

The concert, a genuine musical treat,  took place on Saturday 31st May at the St Anne’s Ryde Anglican Centre, 42 Church Street, Ryde, on the corner of Gowrie Street.

For more information about the Society, upcoming events and concerts, visit the Society’s official website:-www.classicalguitarssydney.org



Brilliant celloist Giovanni Sollima, a guest of the Australian Chamber Orchestra
Brilliant celloist Giovanni Sollima, a guest of the ACO. Pic Gian Maria Musarra

This was a glorious concert with some extraordinary, ravishing, intimate and exciting playing by special guest artist/composer Giovanni Sollima on cello.

An internationally recognised musician from Palermo, Italy ,Sollima has composed for diverse artists including legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma and 70s punk icon Patti Smith .The ACO themselves, led by Tognetti,  were in fine, athletic form .