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A British businessman, Jack Barker and his American counterpart, Eddie Vosper take a holiday on a Greek island with their wives and Eddie and Lucy’s teenage son, Clayton.Barker and Volsper work for the same multinational food processing company and the holiday is supposed to bring them closer however the two men are very competitive 

Barker has grudgingly allowed his family business to be taken over by an Americsn owned multinational company, Greenace. Vosper is his senior colleague. The playwright Dennis Potter uses the scenario to express his long-standing aversion to the inroads which American commercial culture makes on other cultures, England’s in particular.

This was a tense, poignant drama well directed by Roderick Chambers. George Gleeson did well playing the reserved Brit Jack Barker with Haki Pepo Olu Crisden playing the highly emotional American Eddie Vosper.  

Maria Micaleff was very cantankerous and flirty as Jack’s wife, Elizabeth Barker. Vivien Wood played Eddie’s wife, Lucy Vosper. In a fine performance Liam Dowley played  Eddie and Lucy’s teenage son Clayton, who has a crush on Elizabeth.  

For the world of the play, the set design team, led by David Pointon, have come up with an outdoor terrace of a Greek island villa replete with sea view.

This is a poignant and well played drama. Dennis Potter’s SUFFICIENT CARBOHYDRATE is paying the Guild Theatre, Rockdale, Walz Street, Rockdale until Sunday 30 November, 2019.

George Gleeson as Jack and Marias Micaleff as Elizabeth in Dennis Potter’s ‘Sufficient Carbohydrate’ at the Guild Theatre, Rockdale.








The starting point to Nick  Enright’s DAYLIGHT SAVING is unremarkable.  The play takes place in March 1989 around the time when Daylight Saving is about to end for another year.

A middle class North Shore couple, Tom and Felicity, are struggling to find time together. Tom, a high profile sports agent, is always travelling overseas to cater to the whims of his clients. He is about to head off and  Felicity- nicknamed Flick- chides him, again.

Enright packs in interesting plot lines, farcical situations, quirky characters and zingy one liners to keep audiences well entertained up to a very neat finishing line.                         Continue reading DAYLIGHT SAVING @ THE GUILD THEATRE, ROCKDALE