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Emily Havea

Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta (NTofP) will present George Brant’s powerful psychological thriller, GROUNDED.

Engaging, fast paced and emotionally charged, GROUNDED follows the story of a female pilot who matches her male colleagues flight for flight, drink for drink, and drives down the freeway blasting AC/DC.  The pilot’s world takes a drastic turn when she is forced to stop flying and become a drone operator. The vastness of flying military jets over deserts and being at one with the blue has now been replaced with drones. Death delivered by remote control. A virtual battlefield. Continue reading GROUNDED. NATIONAL THEATRE OF PARRAMATTA GIVEAWAY


Look at the play script for George Brant’s one woman show GROUNDED (2014) and all you see are pages and pages of short thin lines of dialogue. Single spaced columns and columns of it. Often it’s just one word in a sentence and there are only a couple of stage directions in the whole script. Yet it’s a finely detailed, haunting story which explores the complex human cost behind what politicians are inspired to call victory.

GROUNDED has garnered several awards and nominations and attracted high quality artists. And sure, you can give it a high tech treatment like Director Julie Taymor (Lion King) did when Anne Hathaway undertook it to considerable acclaim on Broadway but the piece is delicate and any production of it comes down to getting the words from page to heart as purely as possible. Director, Victor Kalka has given us a version for THE FRINGE that has wisely put very few barriers between the page and the heart. As presented to us in a wonderful tour de force by Alice Bibara as The Pilot, the words are right there in that small white space and as if held by G Forces, you cannot get away. Continue reading GROUNDED @ OFF BROADWAY HUB, GEHRIG LANE ANNANDALE