Tom Stokes, Kate Skinner and Anthony Gee in MUSIC. Pic Kurt Sneddon
Sarah (Kate Skinner) and Gavin (Tom Stokes) try to reach out to a disorientated Adam (Anthony Gee) in Jane Bodie’s new dramatic work, MUSIC. Pic by Kurt Sneddon

My experience over many years of quickly skimming a writer’s program notes in the theatre foyer before heading into a show is that generally they are written in a very dry, bland manner.

This accounts for the reason why I was completely blown away by Jane Bodie’s writer’s note for her new play MUSIC currently playing at Kings Cross’s Stables theatre.

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Huw Higginson and Amanda Stephens-Lee in ON THE SHORE OF THE WIDE WORLD. PIc Rebecca Martin
Huw Higginson and Amanda Stephens-Lee in ON THE SHORE OF THE WIDE WORLD.
PIc Rebecca Martin

There’s a billboard for another show in Sydney that has the quote “if only every night in the theatre could be as good”. It’s a quote worth purloining for the Pantsguys Griffin Independent production of Simon Stephens’ ON THE SHORE OF THE WIDE WORLD.

Winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Play in 2005, the decade long wait for the play to reach our shores has been worth it with a finely hewn, polished production that befits the finely hewn, polished writing.

A family saga set in Stockport strewn over a 9 month period, it spills and sprawls over three generations of the Holmes family, grandparents Charlie and Ellen, parents Peter and Alice, and their sons, Alex and Christopher.

Synchronised like Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, the pyrotechnic display starts with firecracker Christopher, the youngest of the family exploding with adolescent exuberance over the imminent sleepover of older brother Alex’s new girlfriend, Sarah, sanctioned by the boys’ parents whose only proviso is that they “be careful”.

Christopher is sex obsessed hoping to catch sounds of squeaky springs or any other noises of his sibling’s sexual encounter. On meeting Sarah, he becomes infatuated with her, borrowing a fiver from his grand-dad to buy her a present. Continue reading ON THE SHORE OF THE WIDE WORLD