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‘Shepherd’. Pic by Matt Predny

SHEPHERD is an absurdist play written and directed by Liam Maguire. The cast of 6 very talented actors (Grace Victoria, Rose Riley, Jacob Warner, Mark Paguio, Cece Peters, Adam Sollis) each play their role in a brilliant and thoroughly believable way. 

This dark satire looks at the age old concern of trying to find yourself when you have so many insecurities and are unsure of yourself,  or your place in this crazy world. Continue reading SHEPHERD : DOWNSTAIRS @ BELVOIR STREET


SEX OBJECT, Charlie Falkner (Ben), Andrew Hearle (Gustav), Grace Victoria (Kate), Charlotte Devenport (Ron).     

Comedy great, Les Dawson famously said “My wife is a sex object. Every time I ask for sex, she objects.”

SEX OBJECT is an absolute joy, gloriously funny, quite wonderful, and is a highly entertaining brand new Australian comedy. SEX OBJECT is exactly and precisely all about her one reason why their six month fully sexual relationship has now evaporated into “My girlfriend is a sex object. Every time her boyfriend asks her for sex . . . she objects.” Beautifully directed by Michael Abercromby, with an excellent cast of four superb actors, each with perfect comedy timing.       Continue reading SEX OBJECT @ THE DEPOT THEATRE

Playing Rock Hudson @ The Old Fitz

Paul Dowson and Mark Taylor as Rock Hudson and his lover Marc Christian

When Thespis first stepped out of the ancient Greek chorus to represent someone other than himself, Athenian society was outraged. Actors are liars they cried. PLAYING ROCK HUDSON is about one such liar, Roy Scherer Jn, a gay man who created and lived the role of Rock Hudson. Rock in turn, plays straight, heroic characters on screen. In this production, who lies or lays when and where and with whom is the essence of the story and the thespian who plays Roy as Rock is also a wonderful liar, ably supported by other great liars.

Rock Hudson was a heartthrob. His shirtless bio pictures were teenage girl sweetmeat. He played rugged masculine characters like Bick in Giant but he also played the nice guy object of desire, Brad in Pillow Talk. As an active gay man, Rock (Paul Dowson) became involved in later life with Marc Christian (Mark Taylor). How and where they met and whether they were happy is up for debate. What is sure is that when Hudson died of AIDS in 1985, Christian sued his estate for reckless endangerment. He claimed that he was never made aware of Hudson’s diagnosis.

Continue reading Playing Rock Hudson @ The Old Fitz